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At many points of our lives, we’ll fantasise about living someone else’s life for a day or two (or even forever) because of what they have that might seem impossible for us to ever achieve.

It could be wealth, love, or even a peace of mind, which is very much underrated nowadays and not even thought about often. We tend to look at what others have (or don’t have) and compare it with our own situation, sometimes to feel better about ourselves, sometimes to feel worse.

When we’re in a position of privilege, we’ll look at others and count our…

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Hobbies enrich our personal lives in many ways most people can’t even begin to imagine. Hobbies aren’t just something that children have, adults should have hobbies to keep themselves sane from stressful work.

“A hobby is any activity that brings joy to the hobbyist, often without a practical goal in mind other than to enrich one’s quality of life through active participation.”

Needless to say, people who had hobbies before COVID-19 hit us would have gotten along this challenging time easier than those who didn’t. …

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I recently read that yoga instructors — or any fitness instructors for the matter — have to believe in their students more than they believe in themselves. Just by doing that, students are convinced they can push themselves just enough more to improve.

Personally, I can attest to how that has helped me many times in yoga classes to try something I have never attempted before, only to realise I can do it. Each time I step on the mat, I’ll do my best to push myself just a bit more than before. That’s the yogi spirit.

Unsurprisingly, the same…

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One of the most grateful things in my career is getting to work in a customer-facing role, which taught me many life skills I wouldn’t have otherwise learned in any other job. Well, if I have to choose one single key skill, it would be tactful communication.

Although many words and phrases can all convey the same message (objectively), some words and phrases are just much more pleasant to the ears — or eyes, when typing out a professional email.

I’d like to share some learnings on specific ways to craft a message that could change the dynamics of a…

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Yoga is becoming a very popular fitness activity for anyone who wants to stay physically and mentally healthy. The stigma (in some countries) around Yoga being mostly a feminine activity is also slowly fading away as more and more men practise it.

In fact, many of the Yoga “gurus” are men, and certain styles of Yoga are by no means feminine at all. It’s probably just the very common and familiar image of a slim lady wearing yoga pants and lugging a mat that made people think that Yoga is a lady’s activity.

It’s true that most practitioners are females…

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It’s a bit early to be setting goals for 2021, especially amidst the current global pandemic, but I’m mostly an optimist and I’m excited to see what awaits us in 2021. I’ll be writing a separate post to reflect back on 2020 — most likely the last post of this year to wrap the writing challenge up.

First things first, I’d most likely not doing a writing challenge anymore, at least not “directly”. I’m still contemplating between setting up a challenge for yoga or mobile app development, two of which I’m investing most of my time into right now.


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All the talks about artificial intelligence taking over the world and enslaving humans — it’s a reality we’re living in right now, and we don’t even know it. That’s the premise of Netflix’s recent hit The Social Dilemma.

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a film review, and after watching The Social Dilemma, I can’t help but to write one right away.

The docudrama centres around interviews with top executives that worked at tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter among others. …

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It’s quite cliché and obvious to almost everyone that if you can see it with your own eyes, that means it’s possible. However, only a small handful of people will make what seems impossible, possible.

You know how we all have this friend or friends who always say that they can do something if they want? Especially when the subject of the conversation is a mutual acquaintance who surprisingly “made it”? Or we might even be that friend.

The truth is we all can do anything we want, as long as we put our minds, hearts, and souls to it…

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After reading a recent piece by Zat Rana (a writer I follow), I stumbled upon the above video on sense making in the current climate of fake news plaguing the general population. Zat himself is writing a series on this very topic, in fact.

Anyway, as with many important and enlightening media, I come across online, I’d like to write a reflection to solidify those concepts for myself and future reference. A bonus would be helping others as well in the process.

Sense making is basically processing second or third-hand information to navigate the world and make decisions that…

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We all want to feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves, if not, what’s the point of anything?

For most, if not all, there’s something we hold very dearly to ourselves, and that can be practically anything. We all crave that spiritual connection with an intangible matter we often find hard to describe.

It can be as simple as a mantra, a principle, a moral value.

I wouldn’t delve into discussing religion, but I’d like to share my connection with Yoga, which some people might consider it to be “religious”, because of how I would describe it to…

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