Words & Phrases I Learned From Client Success

One of the most grateful things in my career is getting to work in a customer-facing role, which taught me many life skills I wouldn’t have otherwise learned in any other job. Well, if I have to choose one single key skill, it would be tactful communication.

Giving a discount

Customer success sometimes involve sales opportunities to get a small commission or require negotiation to retain the customer. For instance, when a contract is near its end, most customers would request some form of loyalty discount.

Following up

Anyone in a project or account management role would know that following up on outstanding items with clients and customers takes up probably 80% of our time.

Deadline extensions

Requiring deadline extensions shouldn’t happen too often, but when they do, giving the clients a heads-up plus an explanation is important to maintaining the trust and sense of reliability. Even then, obviously it wouldn’t sit nice with the client.

Becoming a better person

Serving customers and clients can be a thankless job, and I’ve grown to accept that. Some wouldn’t appreciate me regardless how much effort I’ve put in, and that’s just how life works.

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